About Me


Marco Torta o RagioneHey I’m Marco, thanks for stopping by.

In pastry-making I describe myself as an “escaped from home”. That’s a benevolent term coined by an ex-colleague of mine which indicates a shallow, sometimes self-neglected individual, a bit of an easy-come-easy-go jack-of-all-trades kind of person.
But at the same time I’m very passionate and I try not to take myself too seriously. So this blog is a combination of passion, humor and another “Gallicism” I’ll better keep for myself. It is my deep hope that this will shine through these pages.

Wanna know a bit more about me?

I live in Florence Italy with Giorgia, our daughter Gaia and the newly-arrived Hector, a border collie puppy with deep canny eyes.
Despite being well over 40 I still don’t know what I will do when I grow up. In the past I’ve done a bit of everything, and amongst other things I lived in the UK for a few years. Like my mum says: “At least you’ve done something right: you learned English”.
Matter of fact I also picked up other things along the way and now they all seem to funnel into this blog.

I got into baking and pastry-making through gelato. After an artisanal gelato course I drifted naturally towards patisserie. And I also got into food photography. All self-taught, like most of my life.

Even more about me?? Aye!

After 40 years passed in the most hedonistic way I discover running. Men usually have a midlife crisis around that age and in my case it took the form of running. Out of the blue I sign up for a marathon and my life changes.
From running it grows in me a new perception of the world and a new approach to life.
I start to get interested in fitness, then in nutrition all the way to mental wellbeing such as meditation. Everything comes naturally, one thing leading to another.
I don’t know if this thirst for knowledge will ever stop, but one thing is certain: hunger never will! So I pull up my sleeves and start baking!

The name of the blog

Blogging rule number one: pick a short and easy to remember name. Right, got it! 😁
In case you are wondering the name Torta o Ragione is a little wordplay in Italian. We have a saying “a torto o ragione” (note the “o” at the end of the word “torto”), which could be roughly translated into the expression “right or wrong”. At the same time “torta” means cake in Italian. So I liked the wordplay there but it also recalls the dualistic primordial nature of life: flight or flight? cheesecake or not cheesecake? We’ve all been there, haven’t we?
You can contact me via email info@tortaoragione.it